USB3 direct stream to the GPU


It’s probably a newbie question, but is it possible to stream video / data from the USB3 interface to the GPU?

Maybe dumping the data using the DMA to the RAM and from there to the graphic card?

Thanks a lot.


There is no interface for direct USB to GPU transfer.

Instead, you will have to put the USB3 data in host RAM and then send to the GPU. If you can allocate the host buffer for the USB data using cudaHostAlloc(), the transfer to the GPU will go faster. The host RAM->GPU transfer rate should be around 6 GB/sec, so you should have no trouble keeping up with USB3.

Thanks for the respond.

Do you happen to know a way to stream the data from the USB3 to the host RAM?


No idea how USB data transfers work. I would imagine it depends on the device.