USB3 Genicam Camera tegra-xusb xhci WARNING


I’ve just finished adding support for a USB3 Genicam camera using Aravis for control and capture, and have run into some lovely kernel warnings. Capture from the camera seems fine, at each of 640x480, 720p and 1080p, all running at 30fps, although every now and then I seem to lose a frame or two.

The kernel warning is as follows

tegra-xusb 3530000.xhci: WARN Event TRB for slot 1 ep 2 with no TDs queued?

I have increased the usbfs_memory_mb and disabled autosuspend, as per some other threads I found here, both to seemingly no effect. I’m not really certain whether this warning is indicating that something is going wildly wrong, or whether I can safely ignore it (I would guess not).

There is a similar that hits bandwidth limit:

Probably there is burst data coming from the camera, triggering the error.

For further investigation, you may refer to

Ahh. So what you suspect that although the total data coming in through the USB is not near the limit, the data that is coming in, is in huge chunks and overloading the xhci?

Just guess it can be caused by burst data. You may add dump_trb() to get some information.

Did online search and found a patch, which fixes a false alarm:
You may apply and try.