USB3 video output

Is it possible to use USB3 video output from TX2i? Is there any carrier boards available with this possibility?

The TX2 dev kit USB3 ports are purely “type A”, and cannot be put in device mode (which would be “type B” connector, or USB-C). I suppose it is possible that someone manufactures a TX2 carrier board with a USB3 type-B or type-C, but I’ve not heard of one. The only type-C I know of is for the Xavier.

Video output in bulk mode would be possible, but have doubts that the result would be entirely satisfactory. True video output without pausing and stuttering probably requires isochronous mode, and none of the Jetsons are capable of producing a device which uses isochronous mode. External custom hardware would be required.

There are network protocols which could be used for this purpose. You might want to check out RTSP. I have not personally worked on this, but if it interests you, there are many people on the forums here who could help with that, and the results would probably be of sufficient performance.