USD assets keyframes are not in sync at timeline

Hey, things are moving nicely forwards. Machinima rocks!

I found out that If I have manual keyframes with my USD, and I import that to master scene, and drag the asset to timeline some where later that the first frame, then my keyframes are aligned wrong. See this video:

The solution is to move the asset track to very beginning in timeline:

Then everything is fine again.

But is there some other solution to this?

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Same thing is when I export a character with body animation & props animation from iClone8.

These internal animations are only in sync when I have the imported Xfrom dragged to the start of the seq.

Have you tried dragging the lantern prop+animation into the sequencer and adjusting the timing that way?

Sure I have tried that, it´s the only way to make it not to start from frame 1.

I make a video about this so you can see it more clearly :)

Hi Dane!
I made a video so you see the problem…


Have you tried dropping the Lantern reference into the Sequencer?

Great! That fixed it.
But things might get overcrowded in seq…
Maybe you could think some sort of nesting / child-parent thing for all these tracks in seq? But you know better :)

Glad it worked! I was thinking that instead of keying all the movement of the lantern you could use physx and add a joint for the lantern to swing freely. Warehouse Project Previz Workflow - Part 6: Creating and Adding Warehouse Lamps - YouTube

Yes, that´s what I did eventually for that throw shot! I learned it :)

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