USD assets keyframes are not in sync at timeline

Hey, things are moving nicely forwards. Machinima rocks!

I found out that If I have manual keyframes with my USD, and I import that to master scene, and drag the asset to timeline some where later that the first frame, then my keyframes are aligned wrong. See this video:

The solution is to move the asset track to very beginning in timeline:

Then everything is fine again.

But is there some other solution to this?

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Same thing is when I export a character with body animation & props animation from iClone8.

These internal animations are only in sync when I have the imported Xfrom dragged to the start of the seq.

Have you tried dragging the lantern prop+animation into the sequencer and adjusting the timing that way?

Sure I have tried that, it´s the only way to make it not to start from frame 1.

I make a video about this so you can see it more clearly :)