USD Collection Property Widget extension

It doesnt look like this extension is working at all in Create 2022.3.1

When I select a Collection, the property window doesnt give me anyway to maintain the collection.

…I’m expecting something similar to this:

Hi @daryl.dunlap.ohio. Thanks for reporting this. It’s an easy repro. I’ll let the dev team know.

Created OM-77090.

Thanks, but, in comparison to Houdini - shouldn’t authoring a collection create a prim on the stage as well?

I can’t comment on Houdini, but looking at the USDA, it looks like a collection is just an apiSchema that can be applied to any existing prim. I personally think the different UX makes sense. I’ll share this feedback with the dev team though.

Yes, but, since Collections persist with the Stage, it kinda makes UX sense that they are listed as a Stage member - even though they are a “special” kind of prim.

Thanks man.

Just to further clarify - in Houdini the authoring of a Collection creates a Prim on the stage (so that the Collection can be selected as the target for some operation). Houdini has a similar separate window for managing the contents of a Collection, but without a Stage Prim, I’m not sure how to even consume a Collection in Omniverse?