USD Composer 2023.1.1 Crash during launch

I am trying to launch USD Composer 2023.1.1 on Ubuntu 22.04 but cannot get past the splash screen. The 2022.3.3 release version starts just fine but I need the beta version.
RTX 3070 mobile maxQ 8GB
32GB of RAM
Driver Version: 535.86.05
CUDA Version: 12.2

Log attached.
kit_20230808_153810.log (986.4 KB)

@sjusss can you also provide the Launcher log?

it can also be found in /home/sjuss/.nvidia-omniverse/logs

Here you go.
launcher.log (109.4 KB)

It seems like there’s an issue accessing the GDPR according to the Launcher log. though, not 100% sure if this is relevant to Composer crashing.

[2023-08-08 14:51:52.334] [error] Error happened during the update: Error: net::ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE
at SimpleURLLoaderWrapper. (node:electron/js2c/browser_init:2:49549)
at SimpleURLLoaderWrapper.emit (node:events:513:28)

[2023-08-08 15:00:32.592] [error] FetchError: request to failed

can you take a look at this post and this post in the meantime?

Something might well be wrong with my network configuration, now I can’t even log into the launcher as it hangs after inputting the password. It is odd that the release version, isaac and USD viewer all seemed to work earlier.

could there be AWS config blocking incoming traffic? If so, i wonder if this is where you should look. it’s a slightly different problem, but wonder if they could be correlated.

there are several other Ubuntu users reporting the Launcher being unresponsive upon login. the solutions seem slightly different from person to person. i can point you to a few of those posts, but don’t want to throw too many variables into the equation unless you insist.

Managed to fix the login issue by copying the missing .desktop file. However, the launch issue remains. It seems that the new USD Presenter is also broken. Installed Omniverse Kit too to test and it refuses to launch as well.
From the listed the endpoints that omniverse needs, these two are giving me “access denied” in firefox:

there were other users such as from this post another post (among others that i have linked previously here) that had better luck with Chrome, so you could try using a different browser as a temp workaround.

generally, those denied URL reports had to do with the ports/outbound connectivity requirements. but, if what i heard on Discord is accurate, they are looking into this for Linux users and hopefully get this issue addressed in the next update. 🤞

just fyi, the dev is looking into this issue per a recent post and should have a more definitive solution in the next release.