USD Composer 2023.2.0

Are you trying to install not on your local hard drive ? Your log is full of errors saying it cannot install on a remote drive…

Local volumes are required to complete the operation. (c:\users\s20m\appdata\local\ov\pkg\deps\b97758a1d94107ddc7e7f3c762d1c90e\extscache\omni.physx-105.1.8-5.1+dd92291b.wx64.r.cp310 ==> \\Library\OMNIVERSE NUCLEUS\exts\v2\omni.physx-2579a39c6c0c9b41)’

What is “” ?? Please try to install on a regular hard drive in the default location

Hi Richard, I have been always installing the Nucleus on the local server ( , in have it installed this way at the moment. I suppose the non enterprise version is not designed to work this way?

Nucleus on a local server ? No the Nucleus installer inside of the Launcher is for your machine locally. It is for you to share files with you and connect apps and connectors. If you are not Enterprise, there is no Nuclues “server”. It all needs to run on your single local machine.

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