USD Composer 2023.2.5 - Just lost everything when saving to USD

I had been working somewhat successfully saving every 5 mins or so as for some reason Omniverse just consumes everything on my system, but it works. I then saved or rather exported to USD, the application immediately returned as if it was completed, but this was strange. My model and work and all disappeared and I was just left with an empty shell - that listed my objects and textures but had nothing behind it - all defaulted to ABS_White.

To say I’m gutted would be an understatement. I don’t think I can ever remember losing work in maybe 25 years. Especially from a reputable company like NVIDIA.

Its somewhat recoverable but an evenings work just gone.

There is nothing saved in temp file, nothing on system anywhere that I can find :(

I do have a 18k USD file and a 188mb bin file still but no connection between the two.



@user137849 i am just another user and perhaps the mods/devs would be able to offer an explanation why this has happened. losing work is devastating especially in a production setting, so hopefully there’s a way to recover those data. as someone who’s lost work under a different circumstance, i sympathize what you are going through right now.

but to confirm, your model ‘disappeared’ from the viewport yet the stage is showing content, but all displaying as white, is that the correct summary? is there a rollback you can do with a file checkpoint? also, were you saving to local drives or were you on a localhost nucleus server?

also, i wonder if you could upload the most recent .log file from Composer and see if we could trace the breadcrumb to see what could have led to such incident.

Hi Trevor,
Yes we understand that losing any time or work is devastating. Like any software and any computer workflow, protecting yourself with good backup procedures is crucial. It sounds like you only lost an evening’s work, not the entire project.

First on backup: If you are using your local hard drive, it is a good idea to have backup software, especially if it is Nucleus, as that can fail too. If it is on an Enterprise server, make sure it gets regularly backed up. Saving a file every 5 mins is great, but if you are saving over the same file time and time again with no incremental backup, you risk losing it all.

Second on the crash: It sounds like you were exporting the usd file from composer ? Or saving it ? Either way something went wrong. It sounds a strange situation though. Even if it crashed, it sounds like it actually destroyed the file ? Corrupted it ? Very strange. Give more details if you can. Composer crashing happens. It taking down your file, is unprecidented, as far as I know.

On a personal note, and not being flipant, if you have not lost work in 25 years, you are doing amazing ! I have lost a lot of work in the last 25 years in various software packages.

Thanks @Simplychenable and @Richard3D for responding so quickly- its appreciated.

I was simply exporting to USD and it returned from exporting remarkably quickly - almost instant, but in that instant it lost the linkage to the .bin file I think the USD file uses to store its contents? I was saving to a local SSD. Although also connected to a localhost nucleus server

I have backups upon backups - I’ve worked for 30 years in SQL Databases I know how bad data loss can be. Genuinely I have not lost data in that long because I backup when stuff is important. I think it was so bad because I was doing a positive thing - like exporting after completing the work and everything went so wrong.

To be honest everything that actually works in Omniverse is a surprise to me - I know its more an Enterprise solution but I’m running 64GB ram in a laptop with 18TB of fast storage and it can take 20 mins to open. I have used it for about 2 years and its never got any better performance wise. The cache idea must work when you do this day in day out but for a single user it offers just a slow down.

I would love to be proved otherwise as its amazing potential.

Just clarifying… you were “exporting to usd” ? You were in USD Composer and you didn’t use the save command, you used another command ? Just trying to understand. Where were you exporting it to ? You don’t need to export it to usd. The native file is already usd. You just hit save.

The performance of Omniverse is mostly about your GPU. Hardly anything to do with your system ram or your hard drive. It’s all about the GPU. I feel if you were to get a new computer with a much more powerful GPU, you would see a dramatic improvement in the performance.

A large file can certainly take 20 mins to open “the first time”, but after that it should open in 30 seconds. I have 100GB files that take 30 mins to process the first time, and then still 30 seconds the second time. That is because of texture cache. If your cache is not working well, you may want to flush it out and start over.

Cache = C:\Users\USER\AppData\local\ov\cache\texturecache

And make sure you are using the latest USD Composer 2023.2.5