USD Composer Hangs when Streaming AR to Streaming Client App - iPhone


I downloaded the iOS Steaming Client. Got it working once, for ~20-30 secs-- connected to the latest USD Composer.
But then Composer hangs. I have to Win-D to desktop or my entire machine grinds to a halt. Once USD Composer is minimized, I can regain control of the mouse. The iPhone is connected via wifi to the LAN. The goal is to run over wireguard VPN to a remote collaborator so they can see the stage. So, I’m testing locally as the collaborator has latest iPad and iPhone and would like to see the output in AR.

NOTE: occurs in default scene with and without a cube.

GPU: RTX 4090
DirectX 12
USD Composer 2023.2.5
Omniverse Streaming Client 1.3.4
iOS Version: 17.3.1
Model iPhone 12 Pro Max

I have captured the terminal output and logs.

Not sure if it helps, but I have found in UDP Packets in Wireshark that there are periodically malformed packets:

Frame 246629: 78 bytes on wire (624 bits), 78 bytes captured (624 bits) on interface \Device\NPF_{B34A5BFA-7DC0-4D4C-BA2A-5BB38EFCD389}, id 0
    Section number: 1
    Interface id: 0 (\Device\NPF_{B34A5BFA-7DC0-4D4C-BA2A-5BB38EFCD389})
    Encapsulation type: Ethernet (1)
    Arrival Time: Apr  9, 2024 07:08:52.609619000 Central Daylight Time
    [Time shift for this packet: 0.000000000 seconds]
    Epoch Time: 1712664532.609619000 seconds
    [Time delta from previous captured frame: 0.501178000 seconds]
    [Time delta from previous displayed frame: 0.501178000 seconds]
    [Time since reference or first frame: 5183.799220000 seconds]
    Frame Number: 246629
    Frame Length: 78 bytes (624 bits)
    Capture Length: 78 bytes (624 bits)
    [Frame is marked: False]
    [Frame is ignored: False]
    [Protocols in frame: eth:ethertype:ip:udp:rtcp]
    [Coloring Rule Name: UDP]
    [Coloring Rule String: udp]
Ethernet II, Src: c6:94:a4:af:09:0c (c6:94:a4:af:09:0c), Dst: Dell_14:bb:d6 (cc:96:e5:14:bb:d6)
    Destination: Dell_14:bb:d6 (cc:96:e5:14:bb:d6)
    Source: c6:94:a4:af:09:0c (c6:94:a4:af:09:0c)
    Type: IPv4 (0x0800)
Internet Protocol Version 4, Src:, Dst:
    0100 .... = Version: 4
    .... 0101 = Header Length: 20 bytes (5)
    Differentiated Services Field: 0x00 (DSCP: CS0, ECN: Not-ECT)
    Total Length: 64
    Identification: 0xa52a (42282)
    000. .... = Flags: 0x0
    ...0 0000 0000 0000 = Fragment Offset: 0
    Time to Live: 64
    Protocol: UDP (17)
    Header Checksum: 0x50eb [validation disabled]
    [Header checksum status: Unverified]
    Source Address:
    Destination Address:
User Datagram Protocol, Src Port: 51742, Dst Port: 48005
    Source Port: 51742
    Destination Port: 48005
    Length: 44
    Checksum: 0xbe6a [unverified]
    [Checksum Status: Unverified]
    [Stream index: 899]
    UDP payload (36 bytes)
Real-time Transport Control Protocol (Receiver Report)
    10.. .... = Version: RFC 1889 Version (2)
    ..0. .... = Padding: False
    ...1 0110 = Reception report count: 22
    Packet type: Receiver Report (201)
    Length: 47085 (188344 bytes)
    Sender SSRC: 0x0f1a9f37 (253402935)
    Source 1
[Malformed Packet: RTCP]
    [Expert Info (Error/Malformed): Malformed Packet (Exception occurred)]
        [Malformed Packet (Exception occurred)]
        [Severity level: Error]
        [Group: Malformed]

Here’s the relevant terminal output of omni.create.bat:

[11.918s] RTX ready
06:54:08.883  I  (dll_attach)  DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH
06:54:08.884  I  (CXRServerUtils)  Successfully loaded CloudXR server library.
06:54:08.886  I  (Logger)  Base dir set to: C:\Users\nickarthur\AppData\Local\NVIDIA\CloudXR\\logs\
06:54:08.888  I  (deleteOlderFiles)  Cleaning up older temp files from:  C:\Users\nickarthur\AppData\Local\NVIDIA\CloudXR\\logs\
06:54:08.890  I  (deleteOlderFiles)  Old temp files purged.
06:54:08.891  I  (Logger::Init)  NVIDIA CloudXR v3.3.1 (CL# 32443542), built on Feb 13 2023 20:44:55.

06:54:08.892  I  (FrameServer::FrameServer)  Server features - Send audio: Y, Receive audio: N, Two-pass foveation: N, Pose prediction: Y, VVSync: N, Authorization: N
06:54:08.895  I  (FrameServerCuda::FrameServerCuda)  Starting FrameServerCuda.
06:54:08.896  I  (netStreamServer::LoadNvstServer)  Loading stream server library from d:\users\nickarthur\appdata\local\ov\pkg\create-2023.2.5\extscache\omni.kit.xr.system.cloudxr-105.1.0-192+105.1.wx64.r.cp310\bin.
06:54:09.063  I  (netStreamServer::Init)  Stream server created.
06:54:09.064  I  (netStreamServer::Init)  CloudXR video streams created.
06:54:09.065  I  (netStreamServer::Init)  Input stream created.
06:54:09.066  I  (netStreamServer::Init)  Audio send stream created.
06:54:09.076  I  (netStreamServer::Init)  Streaming instance started - waiting for a client...
2024-04-09 11:54:09 [16,137ms] [Warning] [omni.hydra] Disabling DLSS Frame Generation for at least one view due to output contains alpha
06:54:20.619  I  (FrameServer::ProcessAuthorizationHeader)  Authorization disabled bypass header check
06:54:20.622  I  (FrameServer::ProcessVersionHeader)  Version check succesful
06:54:20.623  I  (netStreamServer::ProcessSignalingHeaders)  Client headers accepted, connecting.
06:54:21.035  I  (FrameServer::OnNewConnection)  FrameServer::OnNewConnection()
06:54:21.036  I  (CloudXRServer::OnConnect)  Server State Connected
06:54:21.037  I  (netStreamServer::ProcessClientConnectionEvent)  Client connected.
06:54:21.038  I  (netStreamServer::ProcessStreamConnectionEvent)  Stream type 4 connected.
06:54:21.039  I  (netStreamServer::ProcessStreamConnectionEvent)  Input Stream connected.
06:54:21.041  I  (netStreamServer::ProcessStreamConnectionEvent)  Stream type 1 connected.
06:54:21.042  I  (netStreamServer::connectVideoStream)  netStreamServer::connectVideoStream streamSource=0xdb6edba0, m_streams[VIDEO_STREAM0]=0xdb6edba0 m_connectedVideoStreams=1
06:54:21.045  I  (netStreamServer::ProcessStreamConnectionEvent)  Stream type 1 connected.
06:54:21.047  I  (netStreamServer::connectVideoStream)  netStreamServer::connectVideoStream streamSource=0xdb6ec520, m_streams[VIDEO_STREAM1]=0xdb6ec520 m_connectedVideoStreams=2
06:54:21.050  I  (netStreamServer::ProcessStreamConnectionEvent)  Stream type 2 connected.
06:54:21.051  I  (netStreamServer::ProcessStreamConnectionEvent)  Audio Send Stream connected.
06:54:21.053  I  (netStreamServer::ProcessStreamConnectionEvent)  All Streams connected.
06:54:21.055  I  (FrameServer::OnStartStreaming)  Waiting until client config recevied, skip OnStartStreaming()
06:54:21.066  I  (CloudXRServer::HandleDeviceDescriptor)  Connection established. Client type: 1
06:54:21.067  I  (CloudXRServer::OnStartStreaming)  Server State Running
06:54:32.295  I  (netStreamServer::ProcessStreamConnectionEvent)  Stream type 1 stopped.
06:54:32.296  I  (netStreamServer::ProcessStreamConnectionEvent)  Stream type 1 stopped.
06:54:32.297  I  (netStreamServer::ProcessStreamConnectionEvent)  Stream type 4 stopped.
06:54:32.299  I  (netStreamServer::ProcessStreamConnectionEvent)  All streams stopped.
06:54:32.300  I  (netStreamServer::ProcessStreamConnectionEvent)  Stream type 2 stopped.
06:54:32.301  I  (netStreamServer::StreamFrame)  Skipping nvstPushStreamData for eye 0 because the connection has been torn down.
06:54:32.302  E  (netStreamServer::StreamFrame)  Cannot send video because all streams are not connected.
06:54:32.304  I  (netStreamServer::ProcessClientConnectionEvent)  Client disconnected.
2024-04-09 11:54:35 [41,460ms] [Warning] [omni.hydra] Disabling DLSS Frame Generation for at least one view due to output contains alpha
2024-04-09 11:55:47 [113,870ms] [Warning] [omni.kit.xr.core.plugin] Render thread failed to render frame 4383
2024-04-09 11:55:49 [115,875ms] [Warning] [omni.kit.xr.core.plugin] Render thread failed to render frame 4384
2024-04-09 11:55:51 [117,879ms] [Warning] [omni.kit.xr.core.plugin] Render thread failed to render frame 4385
2024-04-09 11:55:53 [119,884ms] [Warning] [omni.kit.xr.core.plugin] Render thread failed to render frame 4386
2024-04-09 11:55:55 [121,889ms] [Warning] [omni.kit.xr.core.plugin] Render thread failed to render frame 4387
2024-04-09 11:55:57 [123,893ms] [Warning] [omni.kit.xr.core.plugin] Render thread failed to render frame 4388
2024-04-09 11:55:59 [125,897ms] [Warning] [omni.kit.xr.core.plugin] Render thread failed to render frame 4389
2024-04-09 11:56:01 [127,902ms] [Warning] [omni.kit.xr.core.plugin] Render thread failed to render frame 4390

Application Event Log:

+ System 

  - Provider 

   [ Name]  Application Error 
   [ Guid]  {a0e9b465-b939-57d7-b27d-95d8e925ff57} 
   EventID 1000 
   Version 0 
   Level 2 
   Task 100 
   Opcode 0 
   Keywords 0x8000000000000000 
  - TimeCreated 

   [ SystemTime]  2024-04-09T11:09:14.8062429Z 
   EventRecordID 187212 
  - Execution 

   [ ProcessID]  53896 
   [ ThreadID]  52868 
   Channel Application 
   Computer ALICIA 
  - Security 

   [ UserID]  S-1-5-21-448746131-888087067-1709255794-1001 

- EventData 

  AppName kit.exe 
  AppTimeStamp 65aaefa9 
  ModuleName omni.kit.xr.core.plugin.dll 
  ModuleTimeStamp ecbdfcb7 
  ExceptionCode c0000005 
  FaultingOffset 0000000000041473 
  ProcessId 0x7aa8 
  ProcessCreationTime 0x1da8a6c2ae735b6 
  AppPath D:\Users\nickarthur\AppData\Local\ov\pkg\create-2023.2.5\kit\kit.exe 
  ModulePath d:\users\nickarthur\appdata\local\ov\pkg\create-2023.2.5\extscache\omni.kit.xr.core-105.1.0-192+105.1.wx64.r.cp310\bin\omni.kit.xr.core.plugin.dll 
  IntegratorReportId 309a0d66-5dcb-4485-af01-41cfd0727ee8 

Please Help

Here’s DXDiag Output:

DxDiag.txt (118.7 KB)

Here’s the CloudXR Server Log:

CloudXR Server – Native Log 2024-04-09 06.54.08.txt (3.4 KB)

Streamer Server Log:
Streamer Server Log 2024-04-09 06.54.08.txt (291.3 KB)


@lnickers just curious as a fellow user, could this be scene-based issue? is it possible to reproduce the issue on a scene with a cube in it?

Funny, i went to sleep thinking… "I forgot to mention the scene contents: LOL

Yes, my initial test was a default scene with only the default sky and the default ground plane-- it hung. I later kept digging the attempted again, and, yes, i tried with the default scene with cube added… It also hung.