USD composer, Isaac Sim and Synthetic data generation

I am a beginner. I wanted to generate synthetic data using replicator. When i try to load an environment for example ‘simple warehouse’ , i can’t load it in Isaac sim or code when i load it from localhost. But i can load a large warehouse (Warehouse isaac) scene in USD composer. I would like to know why is isaac or code crashing when i open a simple warehouse environment (my graphics card is 12gb)

I would also like to know if i can generate synthetic data in USD composer? Because i couldn’t see the replicator option with run, preview, start etc in USD composer, like in Isaac sim or code.

Thanks in advance

I am not sure why you can open the warehouse in Composer but no in Issac Sim. They should both open it fine. Replicator is an extension that can be loaded in any app, Code, Issac Sim or USD Composer. However most people load it in Issac Sim. However, currently we are aware of a bug that may prevent Replicator from being loaded due to a “dependency failure of”