USD composer RTX loading

After launching USD Composer, only ‘RTS loading’ shows on the viewport.
I’m using Quadro P4000 and already updated driver as the latest version. i am just another user and do not have the same card. however, based on a quick google, it doesn’t seem Quadro P4000 has any RT cores to fully support the technical requirement that’s needed to run OV. here’s the doc with hardware/software prereqs for Composer for your convenience:

safest bets are to use RTX cards or cards with RT cores in order to be able resolve the ‘RTX loading’ prompt in the viewport.

Yes as stated, a Quadro P4000 is well below the minimum specs. It is too old. It needs to be at least a new Quadro RTX card.

Oh… That is sad news… thanks I will buy a new one.