USD custom plugin in Omniverse?

Is it possible to build a USD custom plugin and make it correctly discovered and loaded by View/Create etc?
For example, the USD source repo contains an example called “dancing cube” (USD/extras/usd/examples/usdDancingCubesExample at release · PixarAnimationStudios/USD · GitHub) that works fine with usdview (when both usdview and the plugin are built with the same config).
I have tried to compile this plugin with several compiler/libraries/options combinations, but it always fails to load in Omniverse (at best I get a crash in the VC++ runtime probably due to build configuration mismatch).
Thanks for your help.

Have you looked at the example Connector included with Omniverse? It includes the source and instructions to make your own connectors.

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Oh indeed I hadn’t seen this “connectors” tab in the launcher.
I will look into this, thanks!

The sample is very instructive.
I am still interested about loading an existing USD plugin into Omniverse (using the regular USD plugin infrastructure).
For example, the “dancing cubes” I mentioned, or even the Alembic plugin that is provided with USD.
Thus, it would be possible to load Alembic files directly into Create/View as we can do in usdview.
Is that possible?

Currently you will need to build against our USD library in order to use those plugins. Our goal is to continue to work with Pixar and others to remove the needs of a fork. Its on our list to make this easier.

Meanwhile, Alembic support is also on our list to just build natively with our current fork.

Thanks for the update.