USD imported in iC8 from Blender, do'nt have textures (latests omniverse connector 7.93.3)

Just as the titles, mesh are fines, nicely placed and scaled it seems, but no materials are created it seems, no material name, no textures ect…

@animaliok i am just another user and am curious whether you are using the OV or official branch of Blender?

Hi, ah I never heard of an Omniverse build for blender, will have a look thanks.

i think there will be more experienced users out there to provide additional feedback regarding that workflow. but if you’d like to install the OV branch, you can download it via the OV Launcher. it can be found under Exchange > Apps > Blender 4.2 Alpha USD:

you can direct any additional question regarding the OV branch in Blender should you run into other issues exporting USD files

Oh nice after a coupe of hours I’ve at least maanged to transfer a scene from blender to unreal, with all collection instances and materials.

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But iClone definitely seems to be unable to read any material or textures from USD, even pasting a nucleaus URL omniverse file in the iCLone importer