Usd model from Create - No materials in 3ds Max

I have a model in Create 2021.3.7 that was originally imported from fbx. It has meshes with GeomSubsets using materials with albedo maps.

I open the usd in 3DS Max 2022, and I can see the model, but all materials are gone. In the Usd structure view I cannot see any of the GeomSubsets or materials that are visible in the Usd stage view in Create.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Interestingly, a similar thing happens the other way around. When I open an fbx with a Sub-Object material in 3ds, it renders correctly. When I convert it to usd via the Omniverse Plugin, the result is that I get GeomSubsets in the Usd with their corresponding materials, but the albedo maps are missing.

Hi Bruno,
Thanks for point out this issue. I have a few questions about the scene.

What type of material is being used inside your sub-object material?
Is it possible that you could share the fbx you are using?
Could you share your logs?
Create logs are generally located here C:\Users\userName.nvidia-omniverse\logs\Kit\Create.Next
Max logs can be found in C:\Users\userName\Documents\Omniverse\Max

I can pass the info along to the devs so they can look into it