UsdGeomBasisCurves support in Create

Currently it does not seem like Create supports UsdGeomBasisCurves type objects in a USD stage. For example opening the example UsdGeomBasisCurves stage that comes with USD API does not render correctly in Create:
USD/extras/usd/examples/usdGeomExamples at release · PixarAnimationStudios/USD · GitHub

Will there be support for UsdGeomBasisCurves in Create and if so when might that happen? Thanks.

Yeah, curve rendering (especially for fur/hair) was something I was also interested in. - I guess it might require a dedicated hair material, too?

Curve support is currently in the works.


@revl When can we expect support for UsdGeomBasisCurves support in Create? I tested the latest version of Create (2021.3.8) and it does not yet support this feature.

Hello @pro.bhat! Curve support is still in development, but we are getting close to having it ready! You may be interested in watching our livestream video on things we can expect for Omninverse! You can see it here: Omniverse Live! S2 E1 | 2021 A year of Omniverse - YouTube