USDRT and Character models


I am trying to spawn animated character models at runtime. How can we take advantage of USDRT API when working with animated character models?

Since USDRT works on a post-composition view of the USD stage should the characters be spawned using USD API. On trying with point instancer the animations were not working. What would be the best way to do it so that it is performant even when 1000’s of characters need to spawned.

Animation/Manipulating Prim
When Fabric is enabled animation graph doesn’t work. But if the Skeletal Animation is directly set as animation source to the Skeleton the animation does work. Then I could move the skeleton of the character using the USDRT RtXformable schema while the looping animation played. Also had to manually adjust the timeline end frame and FPS so that the animation looped correctly. This also makes it difficult if the character needs to have different animations. Please suggest what would be the right way to approach this problem.