Use 4 CPU for Multithreading using C in xavier NX

Hello ShaneCCC,
Thanks for your support, I am using imx219 dtsi file as reference and I have changed only two parameters in VI section. min_bits_per_pixel = <8>, vi_peak_byte_per_pixel = <1>;. Here I have attached my dtsi file all. Could you please give some Idea to over come it.

Thanks for your time.customDtsi.txt (15.0 KB)

Hi ShaneCCC,
I have tried many possibility but there is no change in packet drop or NOMATCH error. My sensor send 1 Chirp of data in each 100 milliseconds. 1 Chirp = 8frames, when am reading data, my driver can read 1st , 2nd and 4th frame in a Chirp all other frames are dropped with NOMATCH error. Could you please give some suggestion to solve it . Here I have attached trace log of my last readingsdebug.txt .(13.2 MB)

1] We checked our sensor with FPGA it’s send all frames perfectly in RAW8 format.

One doubt if there is error in VI channel configuration How it's reading other packets.

Is I want to increase any buffer like fifo for reading continues packet in VI5 driver.

thanks for you time

I have no idea for it now. May need time to check it internally.

Hi ShaneCCC,
Issue solved when we connected Xavier NX in our custom board directly and enabling all cpu with maximizing clock. Thanks for your support.