Use ARGB 2101010 to create frameBuffer with NvDrmRenderer


I’m trying to follow the example tegra_multimedia_api/samples/08_video_dec_drm to use DRM_FORMAT_ARGB2101010 to do ui_rendering_loop. And noticed there is no any DRM_FORMAT_ARGB2101010 described in NvBOFormats.

What’s the reason of not supporting any DRM_FORMAT_ARGB2101010/DRM_FORMAT_XBGR2101010/DRM_FORMAT_RGBA1010102/DRM_FORMAT_BGRA1010102 to create frameBuffer with NvDrmRenderer? Is there a plan to support?

Thank you very much!

If you run HDR video playback, the format is DRM_FORMAT_TEGRA_P010, which is 10-bit YUV420. Please check if the format can be applied to your usecase.