Use decodeToBuffer error

NvJPEGDecoder * jpegdec = NvJPEGDecoder::createJPEGDecoder(“jpegdec”);
uint32_t width, height, pixfmt;
NvBuffer buffer;
pcImg,int iLength 来自相机抓拍数据
jpegdec->decodeToBuffer(&buffer, pcImg, iLength, &pixfmt, &width, &height);

在NvJpegDecoder.cpp 406行:lines = jpeg_read_raw_data (&cinfo, line, v_samp[0] * DCTSIZE);报段错误,没有其他提示信息。

The issue may be specific to certain JPEG file. Please attach the file so that we can run 06_jpeg_decode to replicate the issue and check.

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