Use gold TX2 to flash another TX2

I have to flash about 100 TX2’s for a design house. Is it possible to use a TX2 to flash another TX2. I want to make a carbon copy of the original - file system, libraries etc.,

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

hello atssa,

you could clone the golden build locally and flashing to different boards.
for example, below commands to clone APP partitions

$ sudo ./ -r -k APP -G system.img jetson-tx2 mmcblk0p1

suggest you also refer to Topic 1044148 for more information.

Do beware that there are partitions other than the root file system. If you are flashing anything which has not been flashed before (such as modules purchased without dev carrier boards), or if you are flashing units which have had a different release, then you need to restore more than the root file system. The clone can replace the sample rootfs and do what you desire even for those cases (just make sure you protect your original, and that you adjust for any board specific details, e.g., if you have software designed for a particular MAC address in udev, then you’d have to remove that udev rule…passwords and accounts also get cloned).