Use H264 harwdare decoding accelaretor of GTX 1080

Hi guys
I want to use gstreamer framework in opencv and use NVDEV of GTX 1080 for decoding stream (H264 hardware decoding accelerator), How to compile gstream?
If I compile opencv from source with cmake -D WITH_CUDA = On and -D WITH_GSTREAMER=ON, is it possible to use H264 harwdare accelarator of GTX 1080? or opencv by default use CPU for decoding?

OpenCV supports CPU decoding and GPU decoding, when you compile you need to add options -D WITH_CUDA = On for GPU, refer to this,
you may can consider deepstream, the DeepStream application framework features hardware-accelerated building blocks, called plugins, that bring deep neural networks and other complex processing tasks into a stream processing pipeline. DeepStream enables real-time understanding of video and sensor data that is rich and multi-modal. details you can see,
for video processing using nvidia cards, you can also see this, NVIDIA VIDEO CODEC SDK,