Use HDCP support on display level to figure out if a projector is turned on

For our dental simulator we use two DELL projectors for generating the 3D image. We turn on the projectors by sending the projectors an IR signal. We would like to verify that turning on the projectors was successful. I notice in the nVidia control panel that there is only one place where the state of the projector (turned on or in standby) can be monitored, and this is namely in the HDCP support check. When I turn off the projector, it immediately shows a red X instead of the yellow lock and when I turn on the projector again, it will become a yellow lock instead of a red X.

Is it correct that I need to query the EDID block coming from the two projectors to figure out if this projector is turned on or in standby? I can’t seem to find the exact location in the buffer where the HDCP support feedback can be monitored.

Any ideas where I can find my answer?

I already compared the EDID blocks of a DELL projector that is turned on and one that is in standby. They are 100% identical. The way to find out whether the projector is on or off is thus not in the EDID block. I didn’t find any reference to HDCP anyway in the EDID block. Am I looking in the correct place?

Any software engineer from nVidia that can tell me how the nVidia Control Panel finds out whether the HDCP on a specific monitor connected to the graphics card is supported or not?
I noticed this property is not changing in the 381 version of the driver. When I install the 385.41 version of the driver, it IS changing the HDCP support status when I turn off one of the monitors.

Is there an NVAPI call that can query this for me, and otherwise a NV tool?

Please, desperately waiting for an answer on this issue.

Kind regards,

Eyal Halm