Use Jetson TX2 for a product

We are a startup and have used the Jetson TX2 module to develop the prototype for a product. Now we received some funding and we would like to move to production but we don’t know if we are allowed to use the Jetson module into our final product. So my question is this: Are we allowed to sell a product which contains the Jetson module? Do we need to become a partner before all this?

Hi, Daniel.

Unfortunately I can’t comment on your question, but can I ask what industry your prototype is aimed at?

It’s in the Smart City domain

Hi Daniel, yes anyone is able to deploy the OEM Jetson modules into end products.

Please make sure you purchase the modules through one of our official distributors, so you have the proper warranty in place.

Interesting, have you designed your own custom carrier board? We’ve designed our own carrier board with the Jetson being one of multiple SoCs in our device.

Yes, we took the design for an existing carrier and modified it to suit our needs with the help of a local manufacturer.

Cool! We did ours completely bespoke and new using every pin on the Jetson, there was a lot of issues getting the device tree and associated I/O working correctly, but it’s working really well now! I look forward to seeing your product in the future!