USE module?

Hello, I’m trying to use a module compiled with the pgf compiler. Unfortunatly I’m having some difficulties.
I’ve compiled a module called subspecies into subspecies.mod. In another f90 document I have the statement “use subspecies”. However trying to compile the code provides the error “undefined reference to subspecies_” The module file is in the same folder as the document with the use statement. What should I do? I apologise for the basic question, but I can’t seem to find an answer anywhere.

Hi Catteneo,

You’re most likely missing the object file for the module on the link line. Something like:

pgfortran -c module.f90
pgfortran -c main.f90
pgfortran -o my.out module.o main.o

Hope this helps, but if not, please post the command lines that you’re using and the full output of the error,


That does appear to have solved the issue. Thank you very much Mat.