Use more than 2 GPIO pins on the jetson nano?

Hello everyone,

I am trying to control 3 stepper motors directly with the jetson (+ drivers) only I can only find 2 PWM ports. Do you know if it is possible to activate others?

Also, I found these command lines on the forum, but I don’t understand them.

$ cd / sys / class / pwm
$ ls pwm
$ cd pwmchip0
$ cat npwm
$ cd pwmchip4
$ cat npwm


hello val_lam59,

please note that, you can only access pwmchip0 (@7000a000); you may use pwm/pwmchip0 by exporting them.
i.e. echo '<0/1/2/3>' > /sys/class/pwm/pwmchip0/export

you may also refer to below topics for using Nano PWM.

Thanks JerryChang,

otherwise, do you know if it is possible to control nema 23 type stepper motor with the driver-i2c pwm interface PCA9685 module, i did not find an example on the internet.

I saw Jetsonhack’s video with the servo motors, but I would need some power in my project.

Thank you

hello val_lam59,

you may have your own implementation to configure period and duty_cycle by using PWM.