Use MTPB23108 with Windows server 2012 R2 as NIC

Could I use two MTPB23108 with Windows server 2012 R2 to connect two servers to each other? And could I set up MTPB23108 to work as NIC in OS? Thanks!

Hello Arsen,

It seems “MTPB23108(InfiniHost)” isn’t supported on Win2012 R2. Below is a link to mellanox windows driver download page.

You need to select WinOF Download → driver version than → OS version. In respect to your OS, Driver version 4.55 & up supports Windows Server 2012 R2, however, from the release notes, Does not support MTPB23108 (InfiniHost).

MTPB23108 (InfiniHost) is an older product. Perhaps, you need to consider purchasing ConnectX3 or Connectx3-Pro or Connectx4.