Use of androidboot.presilicon

I can see that androidboot.presilicon parameter is set as true in my kernel parameters. Can anyone please tell the use of this param?

Have a reference to this link.

Hi Shane,
The reference link gives idea only about disabling serial console. Can you please tell the use of specific use of androidboot.presilicon param. What happens if it is set as false?.

Do you try to add the androidboot.presilicon=false to the APPEND in the extlinux.conf

yes, it has no effect, the booting happened properly

it does not apply to L4T sw. You can ignore

Hi Bibek,
so removing androidboot.presilicon=TRUE from kernel params wont affect booting or any other functionality in L4T sw?

you can delete it from TX2 dts

Hi Bibek,
Can you please tell the exact use of the presilicon param.

you can check the kernel source we release, no code is using that kernel param.

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