Use of NVBlas with Octave on Windows 10

Is it possible to drop-in NVBlas to work with Octave 6.2.0 on Windows 10?, more specifically, is it possible to do so without having to recompile Octave?.
I have found fairly clear instructions to use NVBlas as a drop in replacement for Octave in Linux environment, but not to do so on Windows version.
Since Octave provides the option to choose between reference BLAS and OPENBLAS libraries, I tried to “simply” replace one of them by the NVBlas library (deleting original file and renaming the NVBlas library) but it does not work, when starting Octave several error messages are shown due to linkage-related problems with other libraries.

if you cannot somehow boot directly to linux, you could also pass-through the gpu to a vm on windows