Use of nx devkit as usb cardreader at host PC? not possible?

I am trying to boot from sdcard
the latter is in microusb of nx devkit
boot menu shows gadget uefi/ gadget non uefi options
but neither works for booting
any ideas?

how to grow size of this partition ? from 16mb to e.g. 16gb?

sdc      8:32   1    16M  0 disk /media/nvidia/L4T-README

It wouldn’t be bootable, but basically the file is just an empty file created with dd to be an exact multiple of the sector size (512 bytes), and then formatted under loopback. Example:

# Note: 16GB = 16*1024*1024*1024 = 17179869184
# 17179869184/512 = 33554432
dd if=/dev/zero of=/my_image.img bs=512 count=33554432
# Below assumes `losetup` produces file "`/dev/loop0`". This just lists what it will be:
sudo losetup -f
# This covers the file:
sudo losetup -f ./my_image.img
# Format it as VFAT:
sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/loop1

You could then detach the loop device with “sudo losetup -d /dev/loop1” (there are only so many loop devices available, be sure to not have a “loop device leak”, like a memory leak, but a device special file version).

This would not provide a bootable device or partition…what it would provide is the files within that synthetic block device to be served. Content is not equal to device type as a binary block device.

seems the task is rather unsoluble in the context of nx devkit application for booting a computer from it using a bootable mini sdcard inserted in jetson, given the latter is connected to the Host PC via usb-mini

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