Use of SDCARD_PWR_EN and SDIO_RST# pin in Tx2 4GB

Hi Team,

I am using SDCARD port(which is SDMMC1 port of Tegra X2) of TX2 for eMMC flash and SDIO port exposed in TX2 4GB for interfacing a WiFi module.

Now I am using SDCARD_PWR_EN(which is a GPIO_EDP3 pin) pin to control on/off of WLAN module, hence I wanted to know if this pin can be used as a independent GPIO while using SDCARD port for eMMC?

Similarly SDIO_RST# pin has been interfaced to eMMC reset pin, please confirm if this arrangement is ok as well or not,

Kindly let me know.


SDMMC1 is NOT for eMMC and for SDCARD/SDIO only.
SDCARD_PWR_EN and SDIO_RST# can be used as GPIO independently.