Use of SSH keys

Dear NVIDIA Developers,

first of all I have to say: Thank you very much for this great tool. Ever since I’ve discovered it the Graphics Debugger has been a vital part of my daily work and there really isn’t much for me to nag about as stability seems to improve with each single update (at least for me).

There’s a thing however I’d like to suggest: When using the debugger you need to provide an SSH each time you open the application. It’s perfectly fine for me to use SSH and I see the reason why this is happening, but would it be possible to implement SSH key authentication instead of the user input method as an alternative? It could make the user experience quite a bit better if you wouldn’t have to enter your credentials each time you open the application. I know, this is just a minor request and honestly I wanted to take the opportunity to provide some positive feedback to let you know there’re people around appreciating your work on this software. I still think allowing SSH key authentication would be a nice addon here, so you might want consider including this in one of the upcoming releases.

Thanks again, you rock :)

Hi there,

Thanks for your suggestion. We will definitely consider adding this feature in the future releases.

Btw, if you are testing on localhost, you don’t have to input username and password, just type “localhost” in IP/Host Name in connection dialog.