Use of Tesla card in workstation / tower

I have a setup for 2 physical hosts in a VMware cluster. I intend to have VMware High Availability. I have a question regarding compatibility with vsphere 6.0 or vsphere 6.5. I need to have it in a workstation / tower due to space constraints. A lot of vendors are telling me Tesla is not supported.

Are there any actively cooled cards that can support this?

Does vDGA work with VMware High Availability?

Any help will be very much appreciated!

Tesla won’t be supported in any workstation that is not qualified for GRID.
You might use a Quadro board in Passthrough mode for your requirements.



Thanks for your reply. Are you referring to vDGA? I have checked the list of compatible cards. However there is no mention of support for vmware HA. Do you have any idea?