Use of the DPDK driver with MFT tools


How can I install MFT tools without removing DPDK drivers ?

I installed MLNX_OFED_LINUX-4.2- with --upstream-libs --dpdk

options, but when I install MFT tools (both before and after OFED)

the either package seems to be removed completely.


I believe that when specifying the RDMA core libraries needed for DPDK (–upstream-libs) the OFED installer script does not expect to have any extra arguments as it tries to install the minimum set of packages in order to get DPDK working.

I suggest two methods :

1.Install with extra flags - " --dpdk --upstream-libs --with-mft --with-kernel-mft " it should work with MLNX OFED 4.3


Just download and install MFT, it is available online as RPM/deb file :