Use onboard camera on tx1 to run openALPR

I have a TX1 with openALPR version 2.3.0 installed on it and I’m trying to run it using this command I found online: alpr -c us tx webcam.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work. Can anyone help!!!


If that is an executable file you should be able to find it via “which alpr”. Note that libraries rarely contain executables, but tend to support the environment for executables. Meaning if you installed the alpr libraries you still need to install the package with the executable.

I see packages “libopenalpr-data”, “libopenalpr-dev”, “libopenalpr2”, “openalpr-daemon”, and “openalpr-utils”. Of those possible candidates for providing that executable are “libopenalpr2”, “openalpr-daemon” (if the command is for a daemon), and “lopenalpr-utils”. If the command is missing, try one of those.