Use OTA Payload to reinstall Jetson System


I have a question regarding updating or flashing systems that are at the customer or in the field.

Our service would like to be able to reinstall a Jetson in the field as well.
To put the Jetson into recovery mode and always have a notebook with ubuntu available
is unfortunately not a solution for our service.

The desired solution would be a USB stick from which you can boot and which performs a new installation.

We are having a custom board with Xavier NX, the rootfs is on a nvme SSD. Secure boot and disk encryption is enabled.

We would like to implement the following concept:

  1. Create an OTA Payload
  2. Create a custom rootfs containing the OTA Payload from step 1
  3. Write this custom rootfs onto a USB Drive
  4. When booting this custom rootfs it updates the internal SSD with the OTA Payload

I would like to know if anyone has had experience with this or has implemented something like this before.
Also, I would like to know if anyone sees any problems with the concept in principle?

Any input is welcome,

Thank you very much,

Hi geert.heilmann,

What’s your Jetpack version in use for Xavier NX on the custom board?

For your use case, it seems you need to know the following 2 mechanisms.

  1. Image-based OTA
    Software Packages and the Update Mechanism — Updating Jetson Linux with Image-Based Over-the-Air Update
  2. Back up the rootfs from NVMe
    Flashing Support — Cloning rootfs with initrd

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