Use pyserial from inside inference docker

Hello all.

I am trying pass serial data to an arduino, via pyserial, from inside the inference docker but there isn’t any devices in ls dev/ttyusb ?

The pyserial part works outside the docker.

I am running it from inside the inference docker because opencv wont import into python if I try to from outside the docker. I have installed it for sure?

This all works fine on another linux machine, so I just want to pass the usb device to the docker on run ?

Any help would be awesome!


Which JetPack do you use?
OpenCV Python is pre-installed via JetPack by default.

To use pyserial inside the container, please check the below topic first:


If you are referring to the jetson-inference docker, try adding flags like --device /dev/ttyUSB0 after this line of the docker/ script:

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