Use remote desktop connection to use GPU Is it possible?

I have a computer running with GPU in a computer in my office.
I can control my office computer via VPN and Windows Remote Desktop Connection from my home computer.
But if I attempt to run GPU program remotely on the office computer, Windows will report no CUDA device available, since I am actually using the video card in my home computer.

My question is: how to tell the program to use the GPU on my office computer, even if I am controlling my office computer remotely from my home computer?

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Use VNC.

VNC and Remote Administrator, which one is better?

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You have to use some alternative for RDP.
VNC is free, but I personally prefer Remote Administator as it’s faster and requres less bandwidth.

I am trying remote administrator 3.1. I’ve set up the server side. I’ve installed the viewer in my home computer. When I connect to the server in my office, after I enter the user name and password (I’ve set them on the server side as part of server setting), the remote desktop does not show up. I only saw an icon in the middle of the my home computer screen. Did I miss something here?

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This is offtopic here, but it seem that you haven’t rebooted your machine (server side) after installing RServer. It installs video hooking driver so it usually needs to reboot before it becomes usable.

You are right, and this is pretty cool! Thank you,

It cannot send OpenGL graphics content correctly though. Do you have this problem?

Haven’t tried it, because my programs do not need this.

However, I cannot run DirectX games via RAdmin =) So, it’s clearly a limitation of it’s video hook driver.