use tesla c870 remotely

Hi, I understand that you can only use CUDA via VNC, not remote desktop since remote desktop use another display driver. Anyway, I thought it is possible to use it remotely, so I purchased a tesla C870 and install in my office pc. I have to unplug my original video card and install the C870 since that is the only pci-e slot I have. Although the C870 have no video out, I thought I can still access it remotely. Indeed I can. I remote desktop and setup the VNC server, however, when I close the remote desktop and try to connect to it via VNC, the screen does not show up. Later, I find that if I attempt to connect via VNC while my remote desktop is connected, I can connect via VNC. But as I disconnect my remote desktop session, the VNC window does not react.

I guess it is because VNC want you to have a working video card and monitor, and the VNC is merely intercept the video output. So if I use C870, which doesn’t have a video out, I can’t use it remotely in anyway (I guess linux would still work), am I correct? So now the only solution for me is to have a pci video card (which is the only slot that my computer have) and connect it to the monitor, right?

After I read your post, I just noticed that Tesla C870 has no video output. So it seems that it is solely for computing? Does that mean we have to get another video card for the monitor? In that case, what video card are you using?

Have you tried Remote Administrator from famatech? I am using it access my 8800 Ultra remotely. It can pass anything remotely except for OpenGL content.

Right now I don’t have another video card inserted. So The computer have no video output and I can only remote desktop. From what I read (also the tesla manual mention this), I have to get another video card and it had to be nvidia one if you want to use it in windows. So seems the only option for me is to get a nvidia PCI card since that is the slot that I have left.

I tried VNC and it doesn’t work. So I believe remote administrator does not work either. I believe they work the same way. In your case, your 8800 Ultra have a video out, even if you don’t attach screen to it, the windows system still output video signal to that, it is different for C870.

I ran into the same problem as the tesla occupies the sole pci express x16 slot on my machine. Luckily, I had a couple older nvidia pci cards laying around. As for remote access, Remote Desktop does not work as it loads its own display drivers. The only remoting package that I have used successfully was Symantec’s PC Anywhere (This solution still requires a physical display adapter).

  1. Has anyone found a remote solution which does not require a second graphics card?

  2. The Tesla manual indicates that the display adapter must be an nVidia model in order to function properly in an winXP environment. Has anyone had any luck with non-nVidia cards in conjuntion with the Tesla/XP?



Linux will work offcourse (as it is always the better solution ;)), you can telnet/ssh to the machine and use the tesla card.