Use USB0 as host usb on Orin NX custom carrier board(JP 5.1.2)


WE are now trying this on the Orin NX development board and have connected a USB drive to USB0 port on the board. We are unable to detect the usb drive on the dev board as well.

dmesgmay9.txt (61.0 KB)
org.dts.txt (431.6 KB)


Just a clarification

Your trying on Orin NX devkit may not have any direct effect to what you want to do on your custom board.
What you are doing now could only apply to NV devkit.

If you really want to report this issue, we can try to reproduce this and debug. But again, it is highly possible this attempt won’t make any effect to any issue on your board…

Also, you don’t need to share a NV devkit board dts to a NV moderator… This is from our official software that created by us…

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Thanks, yes i understand this.
Currently i am trying on the development board, and i am unable to detect the usb drive on usb port 0.

Could you connect just a mouse on usb0 and test?


It does not work

What kind of adapter are you using on your side?


The USB drive was directly connected through its type C interface to the USB 0 port.
For mouse i used a type C to type A.
Im able to detect these connections on my laptop.

Does the dmesg on your Jetson print anything new when you connect a mouse to it?


i even did watch lsusb
nothing for that port shows up


What are you doing here exactly? Your device tree disabled the fusb301. And you came back to ask why your devkit cannot work. What kind of question is that? Mess up the device tree by yourself and come back to ask why something cannot work.


I am trying to understand the issue on my end and that is why I am here seeking your assistance.

I already had asked for confirmation regarding this.

Anyways, i have enabled the fusb node in the dts and here is the dump message:
i encounter fusb301 1-0025: failed to read device id, err : 0xffffff87 now.

dmesgdevkit.txt (61.5 KB)

No, please stop doing anything to your default device tree… if you just want your Orin NX devkit to have that type C usb0 working fine, just flash your board with deafult image and deafult device tree and it would work…


by default do u mean without any changes?
usb 0 would be in “otg” mode
i want usb 0 to be in host mode for my use case

How about you just recover everything back to default (yes, it means without any change) and connect your usb SSD or usb mouse to make it able to work in host mode first? This could at least prove you this port and work in host mode partially.

Again, this experiment on NV devkit won’t do any benefit to your board. I have told this 2nd time today.
If you don’t know why, I can explain more. But please stop doing something that is not reasonable here.


I have the default device tree settings now. Under usb2-0 i have the mode set to “otg”.

               ports {

                        usb2-0 {
                                status = "okay";
                                mode = "otg";
                                vbus-supply = <0x2b6>;

                                port {

                                    endpoint {
                                              remote-endpoint = <0x2b7>;
                                              phandle = <0x69>;

I completely understand this experiment will not benefit the custom board.

You don’t need to show me this and I don’t really care about what you are trying to modify right now. Your direction is wrong side.

Please flash back your device tree back to default one. But not showed me “I have messed it up before and now I am trying to recover it”. You don’t really need to do that work at all. It is just wasting time.

Flash it back to default one. Don’t need to show me what you’ve done because you shouldn’t modify anything there.


Okay … I have the default device tree now.
this is the current dmesg.

dmesgdevkit.txt (122.9 KB)

Please just flash your whole board with sdkmanager. You didn’t recover all the system back to default image.


I have flashed the board, we are using the Orin NX development board from SeeedStudio. (J401)

I have connected a USB drive on USB-0 port of the board.
This is the current dmesg:

dmesgDevkit.txt (67.5 KB)

It looks like this " Orin NX development board from SeeedStudio. (J401)" is not a real Orin Nano devkit…

The hardware design looks different and leads to the type C usb port not able to work correctly…