Usecase for Drivenet


  1. I’m using Drive OS 10 in which i want to use drivenet. Although i have successfully used it for other videos as well, my work requires to feed the data in frame by frame not just only video format.
    so my question is, can i do that by make changes in the code? or do you have any other way of doing it as i’m generating the data from an simulation software which gives output frame by frame.

  2. secondly, can you suggest me a way so that i can save the output video after inference from Drivenet, one of my goal in the project(my supervisor specially asked not to use any screen-recorder).


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Tom K

Thankyou Tom :)

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Dear @Sandys9995,
Please check GMSL camera sample in DriveWorks. In onprocess() function, dwSensorCamera_readFrame() reads each frame from camera/video for further processing. Please see if your simulated frames can be used here directly for further processing.

If you are referring to drivenet sample, Add code snippet in getNextFrame() to get your simulated data instead of camera/video frame data.

For drivenet output recording, see the discussion on How to save the output video of DNN samples in host-pc if it helps.