Used video memory fluctuates cuMemGetInfo()

Hi all,

I have a question about the cuMemGetInfo().

In the programming guide (1.0) there they say this:

Now is my question what is the difference between free and total in this context? If I read this it looks like it is both the same.

Also when I use this function my program says I have ~150MB of free and total for allocation. but I have a 320MB GTS for computations and X windows. Does this imply that X take more than half of my video memory?

This 150MB also fluctuates a lot. If I run my program I will see only 130MB and not even 1sec. after that 160MB. Can someone explain this behavior?

I use it like this

unsigned int *free, *total;

	free = (unsigned int*) malloc(sizeof(unsigned int));

	total = (unsigned int*) malloc(sizeof(unsigned int));


	printf("Free: %i\tTotal: %i\n",(free),(total));

Nevermind this thread, I figured out what the problem was. I made some stupid mistake with some stupid printf…

(That happens when the temperature you work in is around 26 degrees C)

But the description of the cuMemGetInfo() is still strange so if someone can clear that up.