useing Nvidia AI-Assisted Annotation in MITK workbench

Did the MITK version of '2018.04.2 with Nvidia AI-Assisted Annotation v1.0.1’has integrated with clara SDK?
I got an error occuered:“nvidia.aiaa.error.101 description:Failed to communicate to AIAA Server”

How can i use Nvidia Segment in MITK? Are there any details to solve the problem?

Hey are you following the setup guide?

I saw on other posts you have installed the clients, that is good.
But you need the server up and running in order for your client to work.

Once you setup and run the server.
If you check in you browser (like firefox or chrome)
Check this url: “
You should see some models there

Then you can do AIAA using MITK as in this video