Useing PhysX SDK with Non-NVIDIA Video Cards

Hi there!

I would like to use the PhysX SDK on a machine without an NVIDIA video card. It is possible to do so if I only use CPU acceleration? Can you point me to any documentation on doing this?



It is possible to use PhysX without an NVidia Video card (But it is better with an NVidia card :)). The best documentation I found to begin with is the “PhysXGuide” in the Documentation folder of the SDK (The basics, Startup and Shutdown, Scenes Materials and Actors, Shapes and Geometries, Joints, Rigid Body Dynamics, Scene Queries, Callbacks, …). You also need to look into the samples to see some example of implementations. You can also ask here for help :)

All functionality in the PhysX SDK can be run on CPU with any manufacturer’s video card installed in the system. CUDA-accelerated particles and cloth can only be run on NVIDIA cards that support CUDA, but non-accelerated particles and cloth work fine with any system that has a decent CPU.