User Credentials copy to new custom image after flashing with Jetson-image-creator

I am creating a new customized image with my added packages by using the tool under Linux_for_Tegra/tools for a Xavier NX. However, when booting into my new .img in the Xavier NX, it still takes the same Username and Password.

How can I have it so that whenever I flash the custom .img and boot in the Xavier it asks me to create a new user?

I deleted the home directory, but even that does not show me anything (of course) but still has the same username and password.

I flash by running ./ in the /Linux_for_Tegra dir, then I copy my filesystem from my SD card into the Linux_for_Tegra/rootfs directory, and finally from Linux_for_Tegra/tools I run the ./ The customized .img is saved in the tools dir. Then I flash to a new SD using Etcher.
Thank you!

hello cmch,

you should use oem-config, please check developer guide, Reconfiguring a Jetson Device with oem-config for the steps to change some parts of the device’s configuration.

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Hello JerryChang, thank you very much for the help. This is great! I had not been able to find the steps to do it. I will try today, thank you so much again!

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