User defined auto control plugin GetNoiseProfile function

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DRIVE OS Linux 6.0.6 and DriveWorks 5.10

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We can override GetNoiseProfile function in an user defined auto control plugin. The function should return a noise profile between 1…maxSupportedNoiseProfiles based on the currFrameEmbedInfo. I couldn’t find any documentation explaining what the different noiseProfiles mean (1 less noisy, maxSupportedNoiseProfiles most noisy image?).

The documentation says

The function is called for every frame by SIPL to generate the output noiseProfile based on the input parameters

But it doesn’t mention what is the returned noiseProfile used for. Does SIPL choose some kind of noise filtering algorithm based on the returned number?

Thank you: Adam

It is ISP tuning related, e.g., selecting scene-based, bad pixel characteristic, noise reduction characteristic ISP parameters, which is out of the forum support scope. Please reach out to your Nvidia representative to discuss your development scope and support model.

Hi @VickNV, I might misunderstand something, but isn’t User Defined Auto Control Plugin about bypassing the NITO files (ISP tuning) and do the image control manually? So in the base class of User Defined Auto Control Plugin ( ISiplControlAuto) , the GetNoiseProfile function is marked virtual, so we could override that function in our C++ code. We plan to implement a User Defined Auto Control Plugin, in that case we would not use tuned ISP files.

The returned noiseProfile value will be used as index to select some ISP parameters, e.g. from bad pixel characteristic table and noise reduction characteristic table from sensor characterization performed in ISP tuning. What’s the camera module on the following pages you’re working on?

@VickNV thank you for the clarification. As I understand this function should not be overridden if we want to implement a custom User Defined Auto Control Plugin to have a setup with no ISP tuning (NITO) files.

Could you please provide more context on why you don’t have tuning files and which specific camera module you are using?

@VickNV Sure, currently we use IMX-490 cams from Leopard Imaging with Drive AGX Xavier (DriveOS 5). We might need to transition to Drive AGX Orin (DriveOS 6) in the near future. It is possible, that we will change the cameras to IMX-728 or something else later. We need to optimize the image quality for day and night conditions too. For each possible combination of DriveOS5/6, IMX-490/728, day and night conditions the tuning process would be quite expensive and would not be future proof as we were dependent on licensed third parties in that case. This is why we would like to explore the benefits of creating an User Defined Auto Control Plugin and have the full image control in-house.

To achieve optimal image quality for your transition to Drive AGX Orin and potential camera changes, you should select camera modules from the vendors listed on the respective pages shared earlier.

If you plan to use different camera modules or have specific image quality requirements outside of the supported vendors, it’s advisable to get in touch with your NVIDIA representative to explore your options further. They can provide guidance and discuss potential solutions that align with your specific needs.

@VickNV thank you. Still we would like to explore creating custom User Defined Auto Control Plugin just to have full control in-house. Everything that can be achieved with NITO tuning could be achieved with a User Defined Auto Control Plugin too, right?

As I said, this is out of our support scope here. You have to contact your NVIDIA representative to discuss the engagement.

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