User management on Nucleus server

I am trying to standup a nucleus server on one of the EC2 instance that I use and share it with my team mate working on another EC2 instance. I was looking at this documentation page about using Omniverse Nucleus Navigator 3+, and was wanting to add more users to the server. When I scroll down to user management and click the given link, it takes me to another page with old Nucleus Server 2.0 page. Can somewhere share equivalent steps on 3.0+. Why are all the NVIDIA documentation so bad?


Hello @kushal.mahidhar! I notified the documentation team to update our documentation to avoid any confusion in the future!

Are you an Enterprise customer? I ask because you mentioned that you wanted to add more than yourself and your teammate to the Nucleus Server. If so, you can contact your Enterprise Representative to get more assistance on how to setup your server!

Information on how to ass more users can be located under the Permissions Tab section.


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