User/pass SSH no longer works after flashing Clara AGX

I recently performed a flash and installation using the SDK manager on a Clara AGX. I had already setup a user/pass on the Clara prior to the flash, and I used these credentials to authorize the flash and installation. The flash and SDK installations seemed to all finished smoothly.

The IP address of the Clara was changed after the flash, and I was able to verify the new IP using ifconfig. However, when I try to SSH to this new IP address using my previous user/pass credentials, it says “Permission denied”. The default ubuntu/ubuntu credentials don’t work either, and I’m wondering how I can still access the machine via SSH, as it seems like my previous user credentials were destroyed.

Hello. After you re-flashed your devkit, did you set up the same user / password on it during flashing?

When prompted, (e.g. in these steps:

I entered the user/password that I had set up previously, but outside of that, I did not set up any new credentials. Was this meant to be done via the SDK manager?

Since you checked the “User current username/password” in your first screenshot, the same should log you in on the same reflashed unit. ubuntu/ubuntu is only for the first flashing, not for any re-flashing after.

This sounds like it might be a general case similar to verification - ssh remote host identification has changed - Stack Overflow, does it look familiar?

Yes, it was the same issue - thanks!

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