Users repeatedly dequeued

I apologize if this problem has already been discussed elsewhere, but I couldn’t find any similar posts on this forum or elsewhere.

We have multiple machines with PGI installed, and they all reference a single license server, where there are two seats. Most of the time it works fine, but everyone once in a while, it will lock out one person and they’re unable to obtain a seat. Others can continue to take licenses IN and OUT without a problem, but until the license server has been restarted, that one person can’t obtain a license.

Looking at the log file, I see that if a seat is unavailable, the user will be DENIED three times before being QUEUED. Then, usually, that user will take a license OUT and maybe someone else will be DENIED and QUEUED.

The problem is that sometimes it seems that a user will be DEQUEUED and every attempt thereafter that will result in an immediate DENIED, DENIED, DENIED, QUEUED, DEQUEUED sequence.

Sometimes the DENIED error will be -4,342:104 and other times it will be -24,332:110. I’m not confused about that; I’m confused about why these users can’t seem to reconnect later, regardless of whether or not anyone else is using the licenses.

Any thoughts?

The floating licenses are for a single network.

So if the license server is ‘foo’

ping foo

should return the same IPaddress on the clients,

ping foo

returns on foo.

Make sure the locked out users are all on the same network.

Send the log file to, along with the license you
are using.