Using 3D Texture as filter map

Good afternoon,

I guess I have a conceptual question regarding using a 3D texture array as a kind of visual filter. This is at the very beginning stages, so I have no code to post. Apologies if this is a simple question, but I am rather new to using textures in CUDA.

Say I have a 3D scene that to render, maybe using Nvidia OptiX, and I want to place a filter whereby if the section of the scene is outside of a defined boundary I don’t want to render it. I was thinking of defining a 3D texture array that will define the boundary of the scene such that if it is 0 it is not rendered and if it is 1 it is rendered. Does this sound like a plausible idea? Has something like this already been created in CUDA/OptiX/etc?

My reasoning is to avoid any unnecessary computation and thus speed up rendering of a given scene.

Thank you for any input(s).