Using a micro-usb to type C adapter for power supply

Hey, I have USB-C power supply lying around from RPi 4, can I use a female type C to male micro-USB adapter to the Jetson Nano?

If the output voltage level is in the range, that would be ok. Please refer to nano module data sheet and Design Guide in DLC for such kind of questions.

@Trumany The output is 5.1v 3 A giving 15W. There’s another with 5.1v 2.5A giving 12.75W. Would the second one be better?

Why do you think so…?

The jetson requires 12W of uninterrupted power on the microUSB and the second one seems closest to that since adding keyboard and mouse to the usb port also consumes power so a lil above would be better to prevent under voltage.

No, the real power draw by Jetson depends on use case not by power supply. So 15W would be better in this situation.

but on this page, the recommended adapters are all closer to 12W.

No, that means >2A. More is better.

So can I use 5V 4A too? Is there any upper bound?

Yes, you can.